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Dascoin Goes Live On Internal Exchange

Today is a very exciting day for those in Dascoin as the long awaited cryptocurrency has now gone live on its internal exchange. The initial price is 33cents per coin! and is now live.

What is Dascoin?
DasCoin is a cryptocurrency with a slight difference! It combines the best qualities of decentralised cryptocurrencies but features with it, the best aspects of centralised cryptocurrencies – DasCoin simply eliminates the weaknesses of these.

What are the benefits of DasCoin? well they are distributed as the network successfully adds nodes to its infrastructure. The incentive of DasCoins results in resources becoming available when and where they are needed. Consequently, by linking provisioning to demand, the network is able to expand in direct proportion to the need for network services, making this model tremendously scalable.
The system is designed to optimise pricing stability. This is achieved through the calibrated manner in which DasCoins are emitted. Since the license packages are fixed in terms of price and amount of Cycles, as the network expands, the Frequency factor increases and this leads to an increase in the price of existing DasCoins. Consequently, pricing tends to slowly increase as the network grows and stabilise as the network reaches its full scale

Resources for network growth are provided through the provisioning platform by individual licensees, and the network is able to maintain itself through its share of exchange fee revenue. The network delivers real-time transactions at virtually no cost, yet ensures that everyone is properly served. This is achieved by the measured way the network expands and how it intelligently monitors utilisation.
The power of the blockchain is foundational to the DasCoin system. A globally distributed database is used as a mutual ledger to document ownership of all DasCoins. It is maintained by authorised nodes that collect transactions and append them to the immutable ledger using modern cryptographic standards that enforce the integrity of all activities on the network. This forms what is known as a “permissioned blockchain” and is impervious to attack.
At the core of the currency is its simplicity and ease of use. DasCoin works closely with WebWallet to make the experience of transacting and trading with DasCoins as simple as possible. The digital wallet system incorporates a number of innovations aimed at providing a range of additional functionality through a very easy user interface, and conveniently available on your phone, tablet or laptop.
DasCoin is the next step in the evolution of money. By combining the best features of existing money with the benefits of emerging digital currencies, DasCoin has createda hybrid designed to be the world’s first mainstream digital currency.

Confirmed transactions
in just six seconds

2. A fully-authenticated
network of users

3. To be accepted by over
60 million merchants
The vision of Dascoin is to lay down a global bedrock of trust that unlocks prosperity for everyone. By eliminating the problems of traditional money and adapting trust to the digital age, we are creating a better system for holding and exchanging value.
We are focused on delivering solutions that increase empowerment, enhance control and expand freedom. We believe the pursuit of these qualities will lead to a better, fairer, more prosperous future for all involved. We are constantly innovating as we create, maintain and evolve the world’s most secure digital currency.
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