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Cryptocurrency GIFs: Animations That Capture the Mood of the Markets

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is filled with unique individuals with a penchant for sharing dank memes. Besides an arsenal of killer graphics that depict the current mood of the markets, they’re also equipped with a wide variety of animated GIFs to virally share across social media and messaging platforms like Telegram.
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Over the Last Two Years, There’s Been No Shortage of Crypto GIFs
During 2018, a steady influx of memes and GIFs provided some relief from the market turmoil. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animations are a popular medium across the internet, but cryptocurrency fans have a particular fondness for them. Various animations portray bitcoin markets, hodlers, traders, and rekt individuals in a humorous manner. What follows is a look at some of the top crypto-related GIFs that have provided light relief amidst all the market fakeouts.
Feels Guy Working at McDonald’s Watching Crypto Candles

Vitalik Impress

Christopher Walken Hodler

FOMO Kitten

Kramer Changes the Crypto-Market Trends

Bought the Dip

Hold This Altcoin Bag, Pleb


We Dump Them Every Day

Limp Chart

Feels Enters the Capitulation and Despondency Stage

Our portfolios may be worth less in fiat terms, but at least we’re rich in GIFs. 2019 will likely conjure up more market turmoil, cushioned by an array of fresh memes and GIFs to be savored, shared and passed down to the next generation along with our magical internet money.
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